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The most peaceful beer in the world ...

... tastes good.

It is brewed by hand and convinces with the finest aromas. 


... leaves a mark.

Because it proves that where there are deep rifts between the ethnic groups, friendly and productive coexistence is possible.


... helps.

Because our name is obligatory. 50% of all profits go to local social projects in the conflict regions. We are proud of this and of You too - because You support us with every sip!


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Our concept

Ingredients: Water, Yeast, Malt, Tolerance.

We go to conflict regions and talk to beer brewers from all conflict groups. ​ We initiate the cooperation with beer brewers from the different ethnic groups of a conflict region.


They set a good example. Their cooperative behaviour shows that collaboration is possible. This makes them ambassadors for tolerance and peace in their homeland. This message is the most important ingredient of our products. ​


You, can help us to spread the message of peaceful coexistence. In addition, you support local social projects in conflict regions by buying a Drink for Peace beer. ​


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Our beers

Bosnia - Herzegovina


Bosnia-Herzegovina, with its different ethnic groups, is also called the small Yugoslavia. In the nineties it was the scene of the bloodiest war since the 2nd World War in Europe. Peace was negotiated by the West. The parties to the conflict continue to fight it politically. This leads to absurdities, that children go into school buildings, but are taught classes separated by ethnic groups with different curricula. As a result, young people have little contact with each other and prejudices are consolidated. The Mostar Rock School is an example of a great togetherness, where parents of all ethnic groups send their children to, because of its unique offer. At the Mostar Rock School they practice music together and really get to know eachother and reevaluate their prejudices.


On our first trip we met some craft beer brewers from Bosnia-Herzegovina. A sworn community across ethnic lines. Therefore it was easy for us to bring together Igor ( Bosnian Serb), Vlado (Bosnian Croat) and Omer (Bosnian Bosniak). At the legendary bridge of Mostar we developed together our first recipe for the India Pale Lager. 50% of the profits go to Mostar Rock School. Cheers!


We have an India Pale Lager. This bottom-fermented beer speciality is characterized by a pronounced malty aroma, enchanting and intensely fruity hoppy notes. With its 6.8% alcohol, it is a true peace bomb that goes well with hearty cheese, meat or sweet desserts.

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Cyprus has been a de facto divided island since 1974. There is a Turkish dominated north and a Greek dominated south. The capital Nicosia is also divided. The border runs right through the historic old town. Many young people do not trust the other side, insecurity and prejudices are often greater than curiosity. This is where the Home For Cooperation comes in and brings young people from both sides together.


On our first trip we wanted to meet the brewers of the craft beer scene in Cyprus. We contacted Costas (Greek Cypriots) in advance via Facebook and met in his bar. Costas was immediately enthusiastic about Drink for Peace and also arranged a meeting with Orcun (Turkish Cypriot). He was also immediately supportive, but wanted his brother Ogun, also a brewer and living in the USA, to join in. Good! Half a year later the time had come. We all met in Nicosia and together we developed the recipe for our Hoppy Wheat Ale and decided to give 50% of the profits to the project Home For Coorperation.


With the brewers Costas (Greek Cypriot) and Oguz&Orcun (Turkish Cypriots) we have developed hoppy aromatic top-fermented craft beer. Its fruity aroma, reminiscent of Riesling, comes from the Hallertauer Blanc aroma hops, which we add after fermentation. Neither filtered nor pasteurized, our Cyprus beer is a dream for every summer evening.

Israel & Palestine


Israel and Palestine stand for many things, but unfortunately not for peace, tolerance and international understanding. Neither for Israelis nor for Palestinians it is possible to move freely in the region legally and untroubled. It is therefore particularly difficult to break down prejudices. The courageous friends of friends of roots (Ali Awad and Shaul Judelman) have a lot of courage and make the impossible possible. They ensure that young people meet in the so-called Zone C - rural parts of the Palestinian autonomous territories - despite everything and have the opportunity to break down their prejudices.


During our travels we got to know various craft beer brewers in the surroundings of Tel Aviv and Ramallah. Basically all brewers supported Drink for Peace. Many of the brewers know each other on both sides. However, the mixture does not allow any public collaboration. The consequence would be considerable media attention and an uncertain effect on the beer brands of the brewers on both sides. Therefore we have decided to publish their identities only when they think it is right. 


With two brewers from Israel and Palestine we have developed a bottom-fermented Helles. It has a high percentage of Pilsner malt and therefore smells like fresh grain. A pleasant bitterness and fine aroma of the Tettnang hops make this beer an ideal companion to any day or night mood.


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